Sunday, 17 May 2009


Hello I'm

I tend to leave most things till the last minute and often do things the hard way, I fail a lot and am well versed in the art of procrastination and underachievement.

I have done lots of different jobs for money while always struggling to find time for my artwork - I work as a carer at present.

I love drawing and imagining stuff - It feels like it's what I'm supposed to be doing, it's a habit I don't want to stop - I would draw all the time if only I had time.

My process is usually a bit like this though subject to change
- drawing with pencil + rubber on bristol board until it feels OK
- inking up is mostly done with fine tip pens and or brush + ink
- scan in to computer - crank up contrast if needed
- open in photoshop - remove white so now lines are on top layer
then just build up the colours underneath my lines layer by layer

That said I'm really enjoying messing about with coloured pens, pencils, paint and stuff at the moment - getting back to a more instinctive way of image making

My inspiration comes from everywhere - life, nature, people, dreams etc.. I love looking at other peoples artwork on the Internet, watching films, reading comics, going for walks n stuff.

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