Friday, 3 April 2009


Yes siree, it's up! after an epic journey, which began in the South of England and ended in the North, clocking in at just over 17 hours traveling, and a further 7 hours of nail banging, poscaing, scissoring and threading.

We just missed , who'd been lecturing in Edinburgh for a few days, he had to fly back to Northern Ireland a few hours prior to our arrival. He did stealthily leave us a wee message on masking tape wishing us luck! Much obliged Nigel.

The joyful Bewilderment opened to a truly humbling turn out once again. You can see more memory capturing on and .

and braved the cold and attended the opening on their todds, which was greatly appreciated. Pleasure to make your acquaintance chaps!

The above would not have been realised without the following righteous rippers - , , , and of course our sterling hosts and . Take a bow guys.

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