Monday, 6 October 2008


Top L/R - works by Tsz Wan Ting, Errol Richardson, Leila Shetty, Anna Peaker, Sophie Kern, Tuukka Kaila, Mogu Takahashi, Derek Albeck, Rik Cooper, Rui Tenreiro & Emerald Mosley.

If ever you are in need of some swift beer, Finkbrau's finest Pilsner courtesy of Lidl should be your first port of call.

Same goes for Finkbrau nubbies.

Einstellung provided the music

They came for Art, free bags and the finest of imported lagers.

L/R - Co-curator/TJB Artist Marcus Oakley, Photographer Clare Shilland & Prophet Nigel Robinson.

2nd Left - Nuisance Artist Jody Barton, and far right - Stu Lovenskate.

L/R - Stu Lovenskate, Gorm & French.

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